Tuesday 18th Feb 2017

Just an-article on the danger of us being zapped constantly. For 20 years I held a mobile to my ear, sometimes roasting and exactly the same spot I got brain cancer. I have been assured that there was no evidence but…….

Great article in health magazine and please take note. 

All the best

Tuesday 17th Feb 2017

Morning from Glasgow.

Week after taking the sixth month for the Chemo and feeling better every day. The sluggish feeling will never go away but hey ho. Only the stomach pill and half a steroid. I am pumping each day with veg and fruit and various oils, 3,6 and 9 stopping me squeeking and powders, green all I know and tastes rotten. 

Had a lovely time yesterday with a Irene and Donald Mckeller who we hadn’t seen for 35 years and we had great chat about when we were kids. Donald helped me in a tight time then and thanks. He also has a boat on Loch Lomand so I will grovel!! 

Waiting for street cleaner this morning to talk about improvement of their quality and then she will have a surprise when I volunteer to nag her daily on other areas and possibly contact Nic Sturgeon.

Down to Ayr to see the clan today. 

All the best.

Saturday 11th 2017

On the Virgin way to Glasgow.

Had the consultation with Dr Shenoy at Clatterbridge yesterday and to discuss the last Chemo treatment for a normal and also the extension for another six months. This is not happening in the U.K. and will be an unofficial trial as being looked at in America. I have thanked  of this opportunity and have been able keep the blood , diet and exercise. 

Started the Chemo pills today from today and ‘bring it on’

Looking to seeing Ellie and wee Joe who is also trying out natural ‘calmer’ and after one day is a mini miracle.

All the best.

Wednesday 6th January 17

You haven’t heard from me but all ok and just looking forward great time with Ellie. I am off from Glasgow and to Chester and look forward family and back for sixth Chemo session and how stilly blood ok them I am privileged to continue Chemo trials for six months as being used in America. Will back on Saturday to see Ellie and wee joe in Glasgow for a wonderful time.

Hope you have a wonderful 2017 and enjoy every second.

Monday 7th November 2016

Unsettled last night and not anything to be done with France. Went to bed early with pills laid out for routine. Got showered and walked to baker for croissants.

Into Nice for a walk about.

Had a visit to the antique market and made a purchase of €10 for two ceiling roses needed for two chandeliers. Lunch at our favourite lunch looking onto the market. Met a lovely Danish couple with a 7 month baby and had a great chat about CEO Save the  Children and how the her ex Prime Minister married to Simon Kinnock. They don’t like her -good.

Ellie continued on bus and I dropped off for a sleep. 

Messed around preparing to paint furniture 

Sleep well.

Sunday 6th November 2016

Morning folks and it is before 4am and we are getting up to drive to Liverpool and fly to Nice. Today is0 the second of the chemo treatment with a five day period. I kno I will be a bit tired but rather be in Villefranche.

We park at Sky Park which is fantastic and only a couple of minutes to terminal. Using the executive lounge serves bacon rolls and good coffee and FREE. The plane was cold as this was first flight and with only 56 passengers it was like a private jet. Hopefully JP saw that comment!

At Nice noticed how they have stuck the bus fares  up however it was €12 instead of a taxi at €70. Nice is a paradise to come to with the light blue sea colour. Everyone is walking along prom or jogging and enjoying the maximum of the weather.

Arrived in my V and down for lunch in sunshine Croque Monsieur, heaven.

I the afternoon down to a carboot at the end of the beach and sat in the sunshine watching the busy and enjoyed the rest atmosphere.  What a wonderful place. Will send you some later.

PIzza later and bed.



Saturday 5th October 2016

Gerry stayed with us last night and we are delighted that he will stay on tonight to get time to have a meal and chat before Ellie and I will be in early for 7am flight tomorrow. I hardly moved out of house today. I can feel tired with chemo started and as there is nothing anything to be done, then bugger it.

Later morning Elaine’s family for bacon rolls and sausages with brown sauce. The greatest cure in Scotland for anything. Eriska has a bad cold and I had to stay well away from her which is very frustrating as I want to cuddle her.

In the afternoon, Gerry will drive through to Wilmslow shop to see Fraser and see the posh area.

I had hoped fixed a wall clock I painted and then hopefully got it going. I thought it was about 100 yrs and then fixed it. Later on the day it stopped again. Another challenge to life.

Gerry came back and we all had a lovely evening which is short as we all got an early evening well prepared for the 7am flights from Liverpool tomorrow.

Can not wait to see the Blue Zure in Nice and what ever it is. Just imagine it.


Sleep well.