27 Tuesday June

Looking forward to seeing my great friend’s grave in Halkyn

Torquil wrote “Labour of Love ” the story of Robert Smillie my great grandfather.

Fraser and I joined his writing group around 8years ago when I wanted to attempt writing a book myself. I soon realised that I didn’t have a “book”in me!! However Fraser has gone on to write many since then. Torquil was an inspiration to both of us and became a special friend.

He put in many hours of writing the book for me and at the time we did not know he had cancer he died shortly after it was published.

Fraser visits the grave when he is passing by but I haven’t been yet.Later this week Ellie will take there and I can say hello and thanks to him.

We have vacated the flat in Glasgow now and will spend the summer visiting local beauty spots, and seeing our Chester friends.

Blair and Ellie 


3rd arrived Ghester 

The just been driven from Grasgow and here in here for my  birthday tomorrow breakfast with the family bacon rolls tir d tonight catch up later enjoyed the scenery on the journey although took 5.5 hours Ellie needing a rest