Sunday 22nd January 2017

Just a brief Blog just to keep things up to date.

Yesterday was a celebration for Eleanor’s birthday and she does not look like a 60 year old and I am so proud of her after a marriage of 41 years. We had the family together for a celebration and had some great food and company. Great to see the 8, 3 and 1 years old playing and Eleanor should be so proud and we are both happy for this special day.

I have not spoken too much about the tumour and this has completed the 6 month Chemo treatment. My mistake in ordering more, steroids and there is some mix up with our doctors and Clatterbridge. This being the case that I have decided that I will try to stop the steroids, which are only 1/2 mg. This gives a boost to the energy especially when you are going through the 5 day periods. This is day two with no steroids and I definitely feel a difference and just want to sleep or just sit and this could possibly be the very busy last two days. Hopefully when you don’t take the steroids then the body starts to compensate.

Plenty of TV and I wish that I could be bothered reading or, when I find it difficult to concentrate, I am missing this opportunity to learn. I then have decided to learn the guitar and today has purchased an instrument for £15 from Ebay and it may be as good as my Elvis one when I was about eight!!

The other thing is to learn Tai Chi  and will be taking some instruction. I supposed I will feel a but stupid when I start be I am not bothered.

So have a couple of challenged and hopefully people will be driven daft with my strumming.


All the best




One thought on “Sunday 22nd January 2017”

  1. Bravo Blair, you are truly inspirational and its great to know you are learning a new skill strumming your guitar, a lesson for us all! I cannot believe Eleanor is sixty, she is inspirational too, a great role model for me as I approach my mid -fifties, she doesn’t look a day over fabulous!

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