Saturday 28th January 2017

Good evening

I had just got to do this special Blog enjoyable for you to read it. I started yesterday was what I knew be busy as I was going to use the new Scottish transport to take me from Glasgow to Ayr. Being a real ‘tight Scotsman’ I see any way which I save a penny.

I was delighted with the bus in luxury and a few minutes more then the train and free yes free!! When I came off at Prestwick my sister picked me and took me to mothers then Dad later in and enjoyed a walk at Burns Monument. Dad drove me to the bus leaving from Ayr at the station and enjoyed that I had a nice table and slightly bit later due to the traffic going into Glasgow.

NOW this is where the fun begins and I was going to a classical performance of a world famous pianist and the conductor for the SNO. I just managed to get home to eat dinner and straight back into the concert hall. Bought a half pint and paid for a pint for the interveral. As I looked around like me I was excited about the concert and as has a disabled ‘blue badge’ I saved 50% on my ticket. The day could not be better until: I went up to the upstairs and my ticket was for in the choir seats and when I went up the choir was blocked but I was directed to choose my chair. I found it strange then no one is sitting near me and I thought OH WELL I must look like a strange character.

Looking to the start about to start as people take their seats and then I realised that there is no concert piano and no orchestra layout. The light goes down the the start of the folk groups of the Celtic Connection and I knew that I should be there. I went up to a member of staff and realised that I should have been at another location in Glasgow and I assumed that the concert whilst booked at this location then I was listening to fiddlers to a world pianist.

The staff then went to help, got my pint money back, booked me a taxi and there was my saving on the free bus pass money. Arriving in the Merchant City of Glasgow and I may as well be in the jungle as I only paid and entered the correct venue. I went to near to where I should in The Choir seating at least, allowed by  a concierge and listen to the most of the first half and was at last, wonderful.

The interval was starting to get normal and I bought that pint, went into ‘my seat’ and was astounded to Mozart and Dvorak.Completed and then went out into the Glasgow night and went ‘where the h**l am I’ Well better start walking in hopefully in the direction of nearest Subway. Realised that I am near the Georges Square and walked until at last I realised that I near the Subway and I realise I will be home soon and a whiskey or twa. Now I wondered do I tell this story to all or keep it quiet and then you, one day, may see be wandering in Glasgow and an eejit or in known in Scotland stupid.

Hope you enjoy my wee story.


Good night.



Sunday 22nd January 2017

Just a brief Blog just to keep things up to date.

Yesterday was a celebration for Eleanor’s birthday and she does not look like a 60 year old and I am so proud of her after a marriage of 41 years. We had the family together for a celebration and had some great food and company. Great to see the 8, 3 and 1 years old playing and Eleanor should be so proud and we are both happy for this special day.

I have not spoken too much about the tumour and this has completed the 6 month Chemo treatment. My mistake in ordering more, steroids and there is some mix up with our doctors and Clatterbridge. This being the case that I have decided that I will try to stop the steroids, which are only 1/2 mg. This gives a boost to the energy especially when you are going through the 5 day periods. This is day two with no steroids and I definitely feel a difference and just want to sleep or just sit and this could possibly be the very busy last two days. Hopefully when you don’t take the steroids then the body starts to compensate.

Plenty of TV and I wish that I could be bothered reading or, when I find it difficult to concentrate, I am missing this opportunity to learn. I then have decided to learn the guitar and today has purchased an instrument for £15 from Ebay and it may be as good as my Elvis one when I was about eight!!

The other thing is to learn Tai Chi  and will be taking some instruction. I supposed I will feel a but stupid when I start be I am not bothered.

So have a couple of challenged and hopefully people will be driven daft with my strumming.


All the best



Tuesday 18th Feb 2017

Just an-article on the danger of us being zapped constantly. For 20 years I held a mobile to my ear, sometimes roasting and exactly the same spot I got brain cancer. I have been assured that there was no evidence but…….

Great article in health magazine and please take note. 

All the best

Tuesday 17th Feb 2017

Morning from Glasgow.

Week after taking the sixth month for the Chemo and feeling better every day. The sluggish feeling will never go away but hey ho. Only the stomach pill and half a steroid. I am pumping each day with veg and fruit and various oils, 3,6 and 9 stopping me squeeking and powders, green all I know and tastes rotten. 

Had a lovely time yesterday with a Irene and Donald Mckeller who we hadn’t seen for 35 years and we had great chat about when we were kids. Donald helped me in a tight time then and thanks. He also has a boat on Loch Lomand so I will grovel!! 

Waiting for street cleaner this morning to talk about improvement of their quality and then she will have a surprise when I volunteer to nag her daily on other areas and possibly contact Nic Sturgeon.

Down to Ayr to see the clan today. 

All the best.

Saturday 11th 2017

On the Virgin way to Glasgow.

Had the consultation with Dr Shenoy at Clatterbridge yesterday and to discuss the last Chemo treatment for a normal and also the extension for another six months. This is not happening in the U.K. and will be an unofficial trial as being looked at in America. I have thanked  of this opportunity and have been able keep the blood , diet and exercise. 

Started the Chemo pills today from today and ‘bring it on’

Looking to seeing Ellie and wee Joe who is also trying out natural ‘calmer’ and after one day is a mini miracle.

All the best.

Wednesday 6th January 17

You haven’t heard from me but all ok and just looking forward great time with Ellie. I am off from Glasgow and to Chester and look forward family and back for sixth Chemo session and how stilly blood ok them I am privileged to continue Chemo trials for six months as being used in America. Will back on Saturday to see Ellie and wee joe in Glasgow for a wonderful time.

Hope you have a wonderful 2017 and enjoy every second.