Sunday 6th November 2016

Morning folks and it is before 4am and we are getting up to drive to Liverpool and fly to Nice. Today is0 the second of the chemo treatment with a five day period. I kno I will be a bit tired but rather be in Villefranche.

We park at Sky Park which is fantastic and only a couple of minutes to terminal. Using the executive lounge serves bacon rolls and good coffee and FREE. The plane was cold as this was first flight and with only 56 passengers it was like a private jet. Hopefully JP saw that comment!

At Nice noticed how they have stuck the bus fares  up however it was €12 instead of a taxi at €70. Nice is a paradise to come to with the light blue sea colour. Everyone is walking along prom or jogging and enjoying the maximum of the weather.

Arrived in my V and down for lunch in sunshine Croque Monsieur, heaven.

I the afternoon down to a carboot at the end of the beach and sat in the sunshine watching the busy and enjoyed the rest atmosphere.  What a wonderful place. Will send you some later.

PIzza later and bed.




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