Saturday 5th October 2016

Gerry stayed with us last night and we are delighted that he will stay on tonight to get time to have a meal and chat before Ellie and I will be in early for 7am flight tomorrow. I hardly moved out of house today. I can feel tired with chemo started and as there is nothing anything to be done, then bugger it.

Later morning Elaine’s family for bacon rolls and sausages with brown sauce. The greatest cure in Scotland for anything. Eriska has a bad cold and I had to stay well away from her which is very frustrating as I want to cuddle her.

In the afternoon, Gerry will drive through to Wilmslow shop to see Fraser and see the posh area.

I had hoped fixed a wall clock I painted and then hopefully got it going. I thought it was about 100 yrs and then fixed it. Later on the day it stopped again. Another challenge to life.

Gerry came back and we all had a lovely evening which is short as we all got an early evening well prepared for the 7am flights from Liverpool tomorrow.

Can not wait to see the Blue Zure in Nice and what ever it is. Just imagine it.


Sleep well.


One thought on “Saturday 5th October 2016”

  1. Hi Blair and Ellie hope you both have a lovely time in France – time to relax and enjoy the area.
    Maybe when you get back you could come up to Glasgow and stay for a couple of days with us. See how you feel.
    Lots of Love xxxx


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