Thursday 3rd October 2016

Got up early to organise the yet more jobs need in house. The dining chairs need recovered and we found some material which materials. I am not an upholstery expert ans thought would have a go. We have six chairs of which two we store in the warehouse and have got the material for only £28.00. We had two carvers and I started with the others- successful and after quite please the took about an half a hour to get the seat taken out of the frame. It is like one like a puzzle and was nearly giving up and then POP.

I had decided not to go out today as I overdid yesterday and thought I would keep myself for the blood test the next day and wait for the news on the MRI. If it is not better then I am going to kill the fruiterer. I found a wall clock in the loft which Ellie had put her hand through the glass. She was lucky not to damage more herself and I decided than this can have the Blair slap of paint. I works so far by tomorrow it will see if it is going in the skip.

Ellie had several jobs to going herself into Chester and then picking Madison from school and going swimming at the Kings School pool and when returning she was holding another certificate. It looks like she has finished here swim teaching and hopefully we can all go swimming.

Fraser came to house to collect Madison and they went home forgetting her coat, the chocolate, and her school uniform. Now they say I am brain damaged??

Sleep well.


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