Friday 4th October 2016

Morning folks and I am nervous at the 10.30am with meeting at Clatterbridge with my doctor. This will be for the results for the previous Friday for the MRI scan. Firstly to have the blood tested and then it was nearly a wait two hour wait. Eventually we went into office and a. the blood is OK and the tumour looks like there is no growth from the last scan and although, so far good news, Walton hospital will have a more details on the pics.

That was off to the pharmacy to collect the chemo and other medications.

I am now all prepared to get the 7am flight in Liverpool to hit Nice for week. Although 4 weeks will be in France but a no where better to relax and eat plenty food. Sorry that only says I am food and not wine, still banned.

I am waiting for Gerry from Glasgow arriving to stay with me tonight and going to a Manchester concerts and we will have more time tomorrow to chat.

Yesterday I was fixing through some historical ‘box’ to hand to someone one day. At present no family members are keen on this history and the same one was with me. My grandfather in my mother’s side, Wully would be in the WW1 Royal Flying Corps. and when I knew him he was a real character and he remembered driving the solid rubber tyres trucks delivering barrels of potatoes. He would stop way home to have a dram or a few. Here’s to you Wully!!

My other grandfather was a sergeant in the Veteran  Corps and he loved horses which I inherited. He would never discuss this with me and was frustrating now but this was a different life time. My grandson is named Murray like the name for grandfather however called normally ‘Dan’

Hope this history to helps.


Sleeps well


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