Wednesday 2nd October 2016

Woke up at 7am and felt fresh for a wonderful day. I have a list and this includes washing the cars and cleaning in the Peugeot which will hold the tricycles. I started for a wonderful day. Ellie went to pilates at the local hall and she was disappointed for someone like like Ellie is a qualified teacher. I don’t think she will be back.

I managed again to putting shelf up and the other pictures. In our bedroom I managed to have in a wall, Madison and a painting of my step grandmother, Jean, for something at a later date. Ellie was going to pick up me at the Grosvenor Garden Centre and I will cycle there. I loved this countryside and as I entered the GCC I met the next neighbours at our last house 7 years ago. They are over 85 years and still looking well and formation  dancing which we admired for them.

We loaded in the cycle into the Peugeot and made a way to Chester. By the we arrived to the first shop and I wanted to visit my antique dealer, Hormoz, and I realised that I could have sensible conversation and I have overdone my exercise and hated the brain not working.  Hormoz totally understood and I had to going quickly quickly with Ellie. In Chester we parked and I left Ellie to leave the two visits and I rest until she came back. I was now recovering by not speaking and this was helping.

I came home will enjoying with no more than rest. I must recognise this and will have to just to be what you can do!

Sleep well.


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