Tuesday 1st November 2016

Now that I should forget that before my cancer career I wanted to pay a visit to old friends where they played a part in the business. I was hoping to see at Ted Todds,the UK leading flooring supplier, my friend Brian Richardson and was then David my contact and the owner himself, Robert Walsh. Ellie and I had taken a photograph with together and hopefully this will be framed in the designer showroom!!


I have known Robert for nearly 20 years and admire for his business acumen and has been a friend who will assist Fraser and Elaine. They have a great team and thank you for all the years and guidance.

We took the Peugeot and Wee Joe to Wilmslow and again twice for 7 months is strange. Funny today I felt like normal and instantly get the ladders to fix a chandelier. I thing everyone is doing a great job and I am sure the shop will be successful. Ellie went out for a sandwich and then I had a surprise meeting Dacar, hope spelt as Ellie is out at Pilates, he we practising for a London to Paris 100 miles for cancer charity and a car came round the bend and nearly killed him. He is not at fully work at and in some ways should be killed and thank goodness for the wonderful emergency services. We had a great chat and hope I can have a coffee with Dacar  next Wilmslow.

I may to call off after the pic chocolate muffins which would blow your head e ven after the icing. Sweet, or sweet! I have had non stop today and I am forgetting, double typing now need telly not politics or are Russia going to invade us. Gentle telly!



Great day though and sleep very well


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