Monday 7th November 2016

Unsettled last night and not anything to be done with France. Went to bed early with pills laid out for routine. Got showered and walked to baker for croissants.

Into Nice for a walk about.

Had a visit to the antique market and made a purchase of €10 for two ceiling roses needed for two chandeliers. Lunch at our favourite lunch looking onto the market. Met a lovely Danish couple with a 7 month baby and had a great chat about CEO Save the  Children and how the her ex Prime Minister married to Simon Kinnock. They don’t like her -good.

Ellie continued on bus and I dropped off for a sleep. 

Messed around preparing to paint furniture 

Sleep well.


Sunday 6th November 2016

Morning folks and it is before 4am and we are getting up to drive to Liverpool and fly to Nice. Today is0 the second of the chemo treatment with a five day period. I kno I will be a bit tired but rather be in Villefranche.

We park at Sky Park which is fantastic and only a couple of minutes to terminal. Using the executive lounge serves bacon rolls and good coffee and FREE. The plane was cold as this was first flight and with only 56 passengers it was like a private jet. Hopefully JP saw that comment!

At Nice noticed how they have stuck the bus fares  up however it was €12 instead of a taxi at €70. Nice is a paradise to come to with the light blue sea colour. Everyone is walking along prom or jogging and enjoying the maximum of the weather.

Arrived in my V and down for lunch in sunshine Croque Monsieur, heaven.

I the afternoon down to a carboot at the end of the beach and sat in the sunshine watching the busy and enjoyed the rest atmosphere.  What a wonderful place. Will send you some later.

PIzza later and bed.



Saturday 5th October 2016

Gerry stayed with us last night and we are delighted that he will stay on tonight to get time to have a meal and chat before Ellie and I will be in early for 7am flight tomorrow. I hardly moved out of house today. I can feel tired with chemo started and as there is nothing anything to be done, then bugger it.

Later morning Elaine’s family for bacon rolls and sausages with brown sauce. The greatest cure in Scotland for anything. Eriska has a bad cold and I had to stay well away from her which is very frustrating as I want to cuddle her.

In the afternoon, Gerry will drive through to Wilmslow shop to see Fraser and see the posh area.

I had hoped fixed a wall clock I painted and then hopefully got it going. I thought it was about 100 yrs and then fixed it. Later on the day it stopped again. Another challenge to life.

Gerry came back and we all had a lovely evening which is short as we all got an early evening well prepared for the 7am flights from Liverpool tomorrow.

Can not wait to see the Blue Zure in Nice and what ever it is. Just imagine it.


Sleep well.

Friday 4th October 2016

Morning folks and I am nervous at the 10.30am with meeting at Clatterbridge with my doctor. This will be for the results for the previous Friday for the MRI scan. Firstly to have the blood tested and then it was nearly a wait two hour wait. Eventually we went into office and a. the blood is OK and the tumour looks like there is no growth from the last scan and although, so far good news, Walton hospital will have a more details on the pics.

That was off to the pharmacy to collect the chemo and other medications.

I am now all prepared to get the 7am flight in Liverpool to hit Nice for week. Although 4 weeks will be in France but a no where better to relax and eat plenty food. Sorry that only says I am food and not wine, still banned.

I am waiting for Gerry from Glasgow arriving to stay with me tonight and going to a Manchester concerts and we will have more time tomorrow to chat.

Yesterday I was fixing through some historical ‘box’ to hand to someone one day. At present no family members are keen on this history and the same one was with me. My grandfather in my mother’s side, Wully would be in the WW1 Royal Flying Corps. and when I knew him he was a real character and he remembered driving the solid rubber tyres trucks delivering barrels of potatoes. He would stop way home to have a dram or a few. Here’s to you Wully!!

My other grandfather was a sergeant in the Veteran  Corps and he loved horses which I inherited. He would never discuss this with me and was frustrating now but this was a different life time. My grandson is named Murray like the name for grandfather however called normally ‘Dan’

Hope this history to helps.


Sleeps well

Thursday 3rd October 2016

Got up early to organise the yet more jobs need in house. The dining chairs need recovered and we found some material which materials. I am not an upholstery expert ans thought would have a go. We have six chairs of which two we store in the warehouse and have got the material for only £28.00. We had two carvers and I started with the others- successful and after quite please the took about an half a hour to get the seat taken out of the frame. It is like one like a puzzle and was nearly giving up and then POP.

I had decided not to go out today as I overdid yesterday and thought I would keep myself for the blood test the next day and wait for the news on the MRI. If it is not better then I am going to kill the fruiterer. I found a wall clock in the loft which Ellie had put her hand through the glass. She was lucky not to damage more herself and I decided than this can have the Blair slap of paint. I works so far by tomorrow it will see if it is going in the skip.

Ellie had several jobs to going herself into Chester and then picking Madison from school and going swimming at the Kings School pool and when returning she was holding another certificate. It looks like she has finished here swim teaching and hopefully we can all go swimming.

Fraser came to house to collect Madison and they went home forgetting her coat, the chocolate, and her school uniform. Now they say I am brain damaged??

Sleep well.

Wednesday 2nd October 2016

Woke up at 7am and felt fresh for a wonderful day. I have a list and this includes washing the cars and cleaning in the Peugeot which will hold the tricycles. I started for a wonderful day. Ellie went to pilates at the local hall and she was disappointed for someone like like Ellie is a qualified teacher. I don’t think she will be back.

I managed again to putting shelf up and the other pictures. In our bedroom I managed to have in a wall, Madison and a painting of my step grandmother, Jean, for something at a later date. Ellie was going to pick up me at the Grosvenor Garden Centre and I will cycle there. I loved this countryside and as I entered the GCC I met the next neighbours at our last house 7 years ago. They are over 85 years and still looking well and formation  dancing which we admired for them.

We loaded in the cycle into the Peugeot and made a way to Chester. By the we arrived to the first shop and I wanted to visit my antique dealer, Hormoz, and I realised that I could have sensible conversation and I have overdone my exercise and hated the brain not working.  Hormoz totally understood and I had to going quickly quickly with Ellie. In Chester we parked and I left Ellie to leave the two visits and I rest until she came back. I was now recovering by not speaking and this was helping.

I came home will enjoying with no more than rest. I must recognise this and will have to just to be what you can do!

Sleep well.

Tuesday 1st November 2016

Now that I should forget that before my cancer career I wanted to pay a visit to old friends where they played a part in the business. I was hoping to see at Ted Todds,the UK leading flooring supplier, my friend Brian Richardson and was then David my contact and the owner himself, Robert Walsh. Ellie and I had taken a photograph with together and hopefully this will be framed in the designer showroom!!


I have known Robert for nearly 20 years and admire for his business acumen and has been a friend who will assist Fraser and Elaine. They have a great team and thank you for all the years and guidance.

We took the Peugeot and Wee Joe to Wilmslow and again twice for 7 months is strange. Funny today I felt like normal and instantly get the ladders to fix a chandelier. I thing everyone is doing a great job and I am sure the shop will be successful. Ellie went out for a sandwich and then I had a surprise meeting Dacar, hope spelt as Ellie is out at Pilates, he we practising for a London to Paris 100 miles for cancer charity and a car came round the bend and nearly killed him. He is not at fully work at and in some ways should be killed and thank goodness for the wonderful emergency services. We had a great chat and hope I can have a coffee with Dacar  next Wilmslow.

I may to call off after the pic chocolate muffins which would blow your head e ven after the icing. Sweet, or sweet! I have had non stop today and I am forgetting, double typing now need telly not politics or are Russia going to invade us. Gentle telly!



Great day though and sleep very well