Sunday 30th October 2016

Today the clocks have been put back for all of the people catching busses and trains. Now with a lovely 8 month grand daughter, Eriska, waking up an early hour not knowing that she was told this fact and and out coffee in the three of us will stretch it as long as we can and she was perfect. Now it will be tomorrow their family return after watching Redsox playing at Wembley today.

This afternoon we picked up Madison and took them to Erdigg Hall to have her to enjoy her her cousin and this had a fabulous afternoon.  Madison was enjoying in the gardens and the natural play area. A surprise is Madison toasting marshmallows at a real log fire and then decided she didn’t like the flavour and grandpa had to eat them.

We then came back to house and enjoy the team and eventually the bath time was there and now look at what a little 8 month Eriska did to her older cousin. Great times.


After all the feeds it’s time to cuddle and then a bottle.She is off to bed and Madison off home and Ellie have enjoyed it but knackered.


I have been trying to sorry out the old photos and this brings memories and I discovered my very, very old friend Jim Loy and this was when Jim and I were in Croatia and we were boys. Love to see Jim next to me with the long hair. Happy days.


Sleep well.


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