Saturday 29th October 2016

During the night I was waiting Eriska to waken and although a couple of stirs, she decided to wait to see us at 7.30am. Elaine and Jason will be on their to Chester station and I am sure that Elaine will be worried about her precious daughter. We will have fun and will not want to give her back.

After a breakfast and play time we got dresses for a walk in the country with Wee Joe and Eriska. The temperature is wonderful for the time of nearly November.

Just been corrected that I said Ellie is 60 on Monday not next January. My brain is my excuse and at least it get people talk and could have double pressies.

I forgot I remade the All-bran loaf as the day before I thought two cups of brown sugar was too sweet. Last night I had two cups of All-bran and 1 cup of sugar and some dates, sultanas and a few for decoration of prunes. This went into oven at lower temperature 160 and in for 1 1/4 hours. Absolutely perfect and worth remaking and I might just tweaking a little.


This afternoon we went to visit in Erbistock North Wales near Llangollen. A beautiful countryside and had a walk with Roger’s dog, Barney and our our four including plenty of fresh air.


Back home we have the responsibility of feeding and is loving her dinner. Soon to have a bath and then a bottle for bed.




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