Friday 28th October 2016

I woke awoke about 8am after a good sleep. Ellie and Ellie and I just like a coffee in bed and a chance to have a natter. Today is on our minds are in because I am going to Clatterbridge hospital to have a MRI scan which will be analysed before my meeting with the oncologist next Friday. I spoke to staff who remember Ellie and I and were delighted how treatment look and then when after the scan, I came out into the waiting room and man was due to  follow me. After the story from the man’s wife and son, I believe I am blessed albeit  my situation. I wish every every thoughts to this family!

This morning I had to just get exercise and took the tricycle to the shopping centre and I had a ‘list’ given given by ‘ma mammy’ I got everything and managed to pay with my card!! I always had a few for me and things like elastic bands and you might wonder – but I still have a major job fixing out the old photos and many many memories. There and back -good!

On the way back from Clatterbridge I wanted into my old work where there is skip to get cleared and had no inclination to start again. I have passed a baton.

Exciting tonight is the arrival of my grand daughter Eriska and will be with Ellie and I until Monday. Ellie has all the clothes all laid out as normal and will be great to have some quality. It is 6pm and I am going to sleep for 15 mins before arrival.

Have a great night like ours will be.



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