Thursday 27th October 2016

Had a good nights sleep.

Had a good walk with Wee Joe with Ellie who is strengthen her ankle good gentle walks helps.

We are in search today for the swimming pool which is only 15mins away and eventually found it in a council estate. Eventually found and was surprised at finding a fabulous pool, very clean and was happy that as I am over 60 years then this is free. Ellie will only have to pay until next Monday but keep this a secret!!

Ellie and I went to Sainsbury’s in Wrexham however was tired stayed in the car and glad as was quite tired today. I thought I had lost her in the store however half was for me for baking. Sugars, dried prunes, dark chocolate and All Bran. I remember many years making All Bran loaf and my mother wrote out the recipe. I have to soak the All Bran, dark sugar and milk over night however I made some banana and dark chocolate muffins and are cooling.


Now a started a job today and that was sorting the photos for 40 years of marriage and even some of the very old ones. Many times we started, then given up however now I will take this challenge on. Today I had one of Elaine in the hospital when Fraser arrived. Happy memories!


And I look then now!!

Anyway folks, unless you get bored please come to fix then through the photos.


Sleep well I am going for a muffin.


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