Wednesday 26th October 2016

Woke up in Annbank however I had a very bad sleep. I kept waking up during during the night. I had no worry however the previous night I slept right through and does not set me up for the day. The benefit is that I will be on a train and for an extra few quid a first service home. I need ti cure the dryness in the mouth all nights and will need to drink more and that is only water.

My niece picked me up at 8.45am and she took me for a ‘breakfast’ and had a good chat. Linda was kind to drop me at my dad’s and dad walked into Ayr station where he will join me on the train to Glasgow. Great as they say on Scottish ‘blether’. Not that we would talk about politics – never.

At noon the Virgin train drew up at No1 platform and everyone is concerned that I will land up at Euston and not getting out at Crewe. I have started loving the train travel and it allows me protection and a time to read and think about things.

I see my mum is not in good health and it is frustrating that more cannot be done to help. When we all get older this is where we look at our life and ask did we do the best with our health. We are all guilty and it is only when time gets short then it is like playing a game of golf where we are at the seventeen hole and had wished I rushed some shots!

When I go to Scotland I always get fantastic hospitality and I will always this kindness and generosity.

Back at home and made all the changes and I am delighted with Virgin service.

Going to get dinner and have a great night with Ellie and Wee Joe.

Sleep well.



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