Tuesday 25th October 2016

Morning folks from Scotland. I have spend the night with mum in the mining village of Annbank, Ayrshire. I had wished that I had a powerful camera this morning as looking out the window the scene to see the top of the mountain range in the island Arran. The clouds are unbelievable and the Holy Island  was buried and I will be staying there soon when I go to stay with Buddhists to enjoy the meditation.

This is what Annbank looked before the miners houses had the new built behind before before the old knocked down.


The paintings by Bill Hillen and a great artist.

Now this following photo is where I started my retail multi millionaire retail empire and that is now a charity shop in Maybole. And think I could still be there! Kill me now.


You know I am not known as an alcoholic (OK as some know) and called into the whiskey experience and was desperate for a dram. No alcohol by orders and I am so jealous.

Before we went for a journey to Girvan we were looking at the late miner’s poet John Rodie and please Google this nearest to Robert Burns. I have photographed his limited edition book of poems and and hopefully you might just get a sample of one prose.


Great walk the Girvan beach front with sunshine and in the following pic shows mum and Linda with the Ailsa Island and where all the curling stones in the world are cut. They had a great deal before a lunch. All I am eating here please save me!!


Great day and enjoy your sleep like I will snoring tonight.


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