Monday 24th October 2016

I have been trusted me in allowed to travel to Scotland on three trains myself! I still have a small part of my brain there and hopefully after saying this, will reach my mothers in Annbank, Ayrshire. This is this the way to travel and not have to drive. For over 30 years I used to drive up and down to Ayr from Chester and in some ways, not being able to drive, this is luxury.

It was unusual that I had to set the alarm for a long time and I enjoyed to have the thinking of checking I have all packed and do I have cash, card, food etc etc. It reminded me of thinking about where I was working and who I would be stressed of will everyone all turn up. Great now!!

Hopefully you could order the American Dr Oz monthly magazine and I pinched from Ellie to read the fantastic articles this November issue. Please either download Dr Oz or spend a little for a great awareness of health. Already this issue there is a few great things to look at.

When I arrived at Glasgow and then a smooth connection to Ayr and my sister will be there at Prestwick. I asked Linda to drop me off to buy some Scottish pies for mum and dinner. Ellie will go crazy but I may as well have some pies and beans at least once.

Well folks have decided to to sit and chat to mum for plenty of time to have a look over some her favourite Ayrshire  scenery and maybe my pall Trump asking in for a cuppa!!


Sleep well




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