Sunday 23rd October 2016

Good sleep and thank you. You get a very comfortable feeling when you don’t have to work again, that is a positive start just enjoying.

Elaine, Jason and Eriska came round a coffee and I know that Eriska will be coming to my trust to Ellie and me next weekend when they are going to London. She is such a good baby and I suppose all great skills will return and we will all have a great time.

We decided to take Wee Joe along the river Dee along next to the new Westminster’s new Lord and could only imagine she will having to a very few. Here would be an opportunity to use his wealth and charity???

We nipped into the Grosvenor Garden Centre, coffee and cheese scone. I also wanted to plant out, our small garden anyway and finished the window with Scottish heather’s.


I now have to rest tonight as I am off by rail tomorrow to Scotland and my home town of Ayr. Looking forward to seeing Maggie, my mother, and will be back on Wednesday.

Sleep as relaxed as me as I have just watched two programmes on Scottish whiskey and it has put me in the notion. Have mine for me.


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