Saturday 22nd October 2016

After to raising about 8 and realised I shouldn’t be going to bed after midnight. After breakfast and had do have a hour sleep on the chair. I put on the ear phones and some Mozart and when I opened my eyes it was 11am. Thank you for a realisation that the sleep is the answer to health and after a wash was a different person.

Ellie and I walk Joe and then prepare for an afternoon to a service in the Trinity Church in Blacon, Chester and this is the work taking place on behalf of ‘Children in Crisis’

Ellie went to work in LIVING FLOORS and was waiting for a call from me to say meeting was finished, but , oh oh ,I had forgotten my phone !! Thankfully Ellie decided to come back to the Church to find me just as the meeting ended. . Great minds think alike.

On return home we had a 15 minutes on the decking watching the sunset in lovely weather for October!!

Now dinner and Stricly and X factor followed by Casualty then BED!!!!

Sleep well










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