Friday 21st October 2016

Great to see my Steve Jessop from windows cleaning. Ellie had given me a list of chores and when Steve arrived with his female Labrador and Wee Joe just got on well together and helped Joe socialised with other other dogs.

Ellie was at her second Pilates section and is tough not being exercising after breaking her leg and repairing incredible.

I did a good walk with Steve and always have a good chat.

I find it difficult not watching the news and it would only depress me and stop me sleeping. The one thing which is bugging why so many have suddenly started to staring at mobiles.  What is so urgent and it shows that people are addicted.?

We nipped out to shops and was exciting but has to be done. Could I not just eat!

Tonight we have friends for dinner and Ellie has been busy making chilli and looking forward to a lovely night. I has an hour sleep this evening and should keep awake.

Take care.

Sleep well.



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