Sunday 16th October 2016

A sad day to pack up and leave V and say good bye to our family still there until Monday and all our friends. In the last few days we also met a American couple, David and Cathy who have now bought an apartment which will be renovated and Peter and Hillevi from Sweden. They we met briefly and will be spending more time in V, who agree with them, a paradise.

Peter and Hilary, in the penthouse, and we love the view, again looked after us and showed us unbelievable. We will be in contact soon.

The last day and our flight in the evening, Linda spent time at the beach as the sun was shining. Dad and Ellie got the bus to Beaulieu and then walked back and dad loved the boats in the harbour. There was not many in swimming however the water was OK once in and Linda and I went in twice.

Met up with Dad, Ellie and Mat and joined us all for lunch and enjoyed this view of the bay.

We all had a great day. And then preparing for closing the apartment door.

We all met at 6.30pm at Bettys for a drink and to say good bye to Betty before for the taxi and that is a long story.

Have a good sleep.


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