Monday 17th October 2016

Back to home our Ian and Steve, our fantastic decorators, have been as usual  to leave us with the furniture back in place. I had a pine ducal unit which we are pained many usual and today with a new colour and then realised then was second hand from over 35 years.

Today I woke early and found it strange not being to France.

The late arrival yesterday Liverpool airport, I wondered who was sitting beside Fraser and here was surprise, Julie my sister in law and knowing her mum Ruby was also at the house. Great to  be here with us for a few days.

Julie and Ellie went over to restock and I took wee Joe for a walk to feed carrots to the farm’s pony. I have felt it knackered today and I can only put it down for the travel. I had at two sleeps during the day and also finding it difficulty typing and spelling. I know I had some chores but cannot the reason.

Family returning from French holiday and all travel is safe and hope soon.


Sorry guys.


Sleep well.


One thought on “Monday 17th October 2016”

  1. Lovely to know holiday with family in France was so enjoyable. 😊Travelling back must have taken its toll, so rest is good! I hope you and Ellie are happy with you’re upcycled ducal unit… make do and mend is very on-trend! Hope to see you soon. Jackie and Kev xx


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