Saturday 15th October 2016


Here the sunshine comes and the Smillie’s are off to the shore with spade and pail.

Now I don’t want to scare you but I tried my swim suit in the house first just in case my belly was scaring locals. Will I wear or not or will I just go into the cald the water?

Ellie nipped into Beaulieu to collect some paint and a few things and we headed for beach. On the way down there is great views through the tall houses to the sea.


Had a wonder day at beach and both Linda and in the sea many times. The tine time for Linda to be turned with a wave and ruined her hairstyle. Great great memories.

Ellie arrived just after lunchtime and had a great time to about 5pm. If every day was a warm, fantastic.

Tonight we went to a night out and had wonderful food, company  and as Ellie and I  going tomorrow, we leave then here to Monday to enjoy the rest of time.


Sleep well.


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