Friday 14th October 2016

Each day for my strength is growing. I am sure this is down to V and the fresh sea air and now I see the hair growing in the crescent wound where is disappearing. Less people see the wound and just ask if the hairdresser has been looking at her phone at the time.

This morning Ellie and Linda are disappearing to Nice for a shopping trip. Mat had decided due for the miserable weather today, dad and I decided to go to the rail station and go to Menton in the end we went for an earlier train going direct to Grasse. It is 1.2hours and it gives a chance of being out the rain. As we approach the Grasse the rain went off and then we had a bit of a language to select the bus to take us us the hill to the tourist area and where the old town is is. Eventually we climbed and we arrived, found a lovely lunch and walk round to the hill top old town and here out side the perfume shop I was trying to buy a gift. Well I will – will I no, will I!!!! No is the answer.

A lovely view from Grasse right down to the sea and a wonderful view.


Looking at the timetable to return to V, we were confused about the buses and then thought it would only take 15 minutes. Now my dad got quicker and quicker and realised we would miss the train and a couple of hours for the next. Eventually we arrived and was only 2 minutes to spare.

Nearly six o’clock with everyone wondering if we disappeared. Anyway Ellie, dad and myself went to our friends in the penthouse, and had local pizzas and a wonderful evening. Linda and Mat was just as happy not having to walk up the hill and I got pizzas delivered to her apartment. We stayed up later but company fabulous. Thank you John and Hilary xx

Sorry to be late!




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