Thursday 13th October 2016

Oh what a miserable day and I feel so sorry for family arriving in the sunny South of France. Everyone finds their waterproofs and made for Nice. But before we leave we have a another surprise John and Hilary from London. Great people and will have a real ‘get together’ tomorrow night and they will have a great laugh.

Bus dumps to Nice and was apart from a bite of lunch and I advice to pay a visit to Bar Victoire and this is next where the pet shop is and no doubt dugs.


Now this is a real cafe with food and vine to include tea for dad. All food for drinks and all for 34 Euros. I asked our friend barman if he would welcome split from France. And he smiled!

Decided to get a taxi back to V. Well worth to get out of the rain and soaked!

After a nod then dad from next door for dinner  and after being brave came up the stairs in V to come and see us. They are getting stronger.

Looking forward to having a get together with John and Hilary.

Get a good sleep for tomorrow.


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