Tuesday 11th October 2016

A very early night as my dad is sleeping in our bedroom and we have a very comfortable Click Clack and decided to get breakfast. Never really up at that time and enjoy a French coffee and Croissant in Betty’s. We will get into apartment this morning and after yappin he will be wanting a bit of peace.

Linda just staying in V and as the weather was rain, the three went on bus to Monaco. We started at the castle and for a surprise to dad was the Queen Victoria berthed and we got really close. Before we had a lunch at the old town and started a climb although. Food wonderful with me a pizza me, dad a pasta and Ellie a ham salad.

Queen Victoria  some size-

I decided to use the water boat taxi to the other harbour. On the way I had a good picture and was tempted to give it way kick, this is Philip Green a ‘hang in Sir’ and a great way to spend £100 million. They should rename the boat to ‘Coward’


On water taxi with Ellie and Dad x


On the other side we walked up to the casino and the Cafe de Paris to use our toilet. I had a chat with the head waiter who remember the ‘green marble’ which I bought at an auction. He was fed up with how many times he had seen ‘the green tables every day’ Ha Ha!


Dad and Ellie dreaming for a trip.

He made, just, the train back to V and this with two stops, it is only 10 mins.

Back up to apartment to have a wonderful sleep then our with all family for great mea.

Great day and night.

Sleep well.



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