Monday 10th October 2016

I will need to buy ‘Large’ in T shirts. You will see my belly less.

Today Ellie are preparing for dad, sis and Mat. Will be great to spend good time. They arrive about 10pm but will have some soup and some nice French bread. I pray the weather is OK for the week after such a good consistency.

The forecast today is good till noon and we are off quick to the beach. Only 10 minutes to walk there and then after the most glorious lunch at the The Blue Vail, and the best position in V. They close at the end of October for winter.

We stayed at the beach until about 3.30 until a cloud showed. Now back to apartment and shower and pay a visit to shops and also a drink at Betty’s.

Came into apartment with the soups for visitors arriving hungry about 10pm and my father is staying with us tonight until apartment next door is ready. I will have a whiskey and a bite to eat.

Have started about dog poo revolution ar the villa next door has launched their poster campaign and it just shows and that’s people power.

Will keep you up with family later.


Sleep well.



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