Saturday 8th October 2016

A good sleep for 10 hours and awoke 8am. I am now three days from finished from chemo and the best feeling yet. Here was an opportunity not to take the steroid pill and then could try only every second day. I am writing this at your 6pm so far so good.

This morning we had no direct plans and although this is a small apartment, we are not rich, but over the time there are some cleaning in the corners. I gave the thorough shutters and I was delighted with all the hard work.

For a reward to sit outside Bettys and had a coffee presented by her Thiery and not you will more people of our friends and where we spend many hours. Theiry looks drunk but I assure you he is sober and is showing Ellie’s burn to her arm.



We decided to go to St Jean Cap which is 15 mins away and after our a visit to Saturday V market. Love it. Where the amazing view is St Jean Cap sitting having a sandwich (club) and a lunch time relaxing. The time is go to our near beach and then sleep for an hour and half. Now looking at this giant ship, who owns a greedy B, and what does he do all day?

Our best St Jean cafe.


After our sleep we decided to walk along the coastal path to Beaulieu  and the exercise did well for us.Again to a supermarket and then our bus.

Believe it tonight we are having sausages but special sausages. Starting to get dark and time for telly and sausage!!!


Sleep well


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