Friday 7th October 2016

Good morning.

Had a great sleep and a whole 10 hours. Woke about 8am and both Ellie still resting her leg and me the chemo, we are phasing in our walking.

I have decided that I would list a list of tiny projects and this was to go to Beaulieu to Farrow and Ball and to give them a big order of two of 750ml, one for Primer and the other paint which they do not have until. Today we drew up a list which we always forget or ‘I’ forget.

Coming to V (you will from known as Villefranche) and decided to go out lunch and is a time to spend two hours. What a life. Now you have heard little about my Maxim picking up at airport as he went on business to Paris and back tomorrow. He can give me all the gossip of antiques.

The weather turned back from yesterday to sunny again. This afternoon packed up and Ellie doing walking great there and later back up the steps and hill.

Tonight spend some time outside Betty’s outside and we are already friendly stopping at the lights. Maybe working in Morocco hopefully. Being posh.

Well must go as the streak is ready to go in my stomach – Yummy.


Good night.


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