Thursday 6th October 2016

Before I start, both and I would like to send my best regards to Steven Woolfe for a speedy recovery. I have spoken with Steven and at ever occasion on  meetings I have always found him sociable.

This morning I awoken about 8am however I had a terrible sleep. One of these where you pick on a simple problem and cannot get it out your mind. This is time for speaking to the Mayor and complaining for dog mess on the pavements. I cannot get out of always wanting to solve and many people don’t see from the same perspective.Must be something about squaring up pictures on walls and here I am really worried!!!

Yesterday I had thought, happy, happy days from this week and today I am shattered again. Decided to get the bus to Nice and bought a few things and then early, decided to go to out market restaurant to suss out the sardines and although they have changed their recipe, mine tasted 95%.

In the Nice Ellie wanted to get a pic of me and David.


We walked through the Old Town to the bus stop to go back to Villefranche and I just got more annoyed as young and older just totally ignore a queue. Where is the respect! Got a seat at least and thank goodness as I was knackered.

Had a least hour sleep and after a refreshing we slowly walked to harbour and then along the front then made a mistake buying 6 large bottles to carry up. Rest of evening had a wonderful salad and a small beautiful brown loaf. Typing at your 6.30pm and could now just go to bed. Maybe!!

You sleep well.



4 thoughts on “Thursday 6th October 2016”

  1. Hi Blair so funny you talking about the dog shits on the pavements and roads. Disgusting and spoils such a beautiful place. Hope you get somewhere with that one. Good to hear you are out and about but don’t overdo it. Keep up the good work. Xx Fiona and Jim

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