Wednesday 5th October 2016

Yes yes yes the last of five days of chemo and I think I could sell the health and food to the NHS. Even today I have felt as good as in eight weeks. Ellie’s legs is getting stronger and stronger.

Into Beaulieu again to get the new electrical extension, chemist for a burn for her arm and the paint for pieces of furniture. Tried new coffee cafe but cheaper but not as good. Keep trying.

Outside Casino in Beaulieu and keep always wait for an invitation to the red carpet.



You can see she dressed for the night – not!

Back to apartment for lunch and wanted to test out a lunch I have in Nice near the market and I think I nearly recreated with red roasted pepper, and sardines with salad on rye bread and plenty oil. After of this we slipped down to the beach for a swim and Ellie no bother down and later up. I told you about Villefranche but tell my blog friends. Don’t spoil it.


Now in the midway what is happening with UKIP. Any suggestions. I have some brain missing and I could still could this party. Four million voted for us now you would struggle more than I had in the beach this afternoon.

Before I leave I will a little so that it you helps tonight.

The slight problem I had yesterday is totally fixed. The (what) I will not mention!

Ellie and I popped to Chez Betty for a small beer and a rose and sat out side for nearly two hours just to chat to people and watch the traffic. Sad but you can some up people so near to the traffic see their life.

Now we are back for dinner chicken, fennel, onion, garlic and tonight I feel too good on the last day chemo and Ellie is getting better as the minute increases.

Love to see you all again.

Sleep well.


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