Tuesday 4th October 2016

Waking to a lovely morning in Villefranche. I had to set my alarm as Sophie to take us swimming in the sea at 9am. I awoke at 7.30 to take anti-sickness, leave it for half hour then the chemo. Tomorrow last day!!

The sea was not too cold and once in the sea, the view looking to the views are well worth while. Tomorrow morning should be OK for Ellie to walk down and back up if her leg better. Incredible recovery for the scars and the strength of the bonding of the plates.

I had wanted to get a shower to get ready to go to Beaulieu and buy the new oven but make that journey as I had (I hating say) constipation. This exactly the opposite when taking chemo and in a few hours the problem solved. Hope you are not your tea?

I slept most of today and this my lovely scene when awake.


I am doing some research about the Save the Children. Keep in touch about this interesting subject.


Now going to have my dinner of avocado, chicken Greek salad and a small beer for me.

Sleep well.


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