Sunday 2nd October 2016

It is so great to so much from friends and there will be so much tell you. This morning was the second for the chemo and the discipline of taking anti-sickness for half a hour before before fore the increased chemo and then wait for and hour wait with empty stomach.

This typing is actually helping with my brain and I think could be useful for all with my problem. You may still get many mistakes sorry!

Today to be flying off you tonight Nice and cannot wait. The flight is going at 6pm from Liverpool and thank you to Fraser for running there and as we are going for two weeks (yes) no parking. Eleanor organised a wheelchair and apart from the plane later by 45 mins. the service was wonderful. We were lifted up to the plane at the side and we really really feel like a pair of oldies.

Maxim met us at airport and then the drive along the Nice promenade and we felt wonderful.

When we arrived at apartment we had two frozen soups the veg for Ellie and the fish soup for me. After which I ate shortly I worried that the freezer may have switched for a period. Mussels, white fish, etc, etc and you could have ate it at the Dorchester. I slept like a baby last night and thank you and I will buy it again.

Late for Sunday.


Sleep well





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