Monday 3rd October 2016


I had a wonderful sleep and with the shutters down, it could be noon for all the difference be. Any way the pill taking and then I think today will be 60% and then a few days after no chemo I am going to cut down the steroid to .5mg. Might be more tired but would love to get off these pills and get the body to naturally produce this.

We got the bus to Beaulieu to our favourite cafe and across in the square, where the fruit etc is awaiting and health. We had decided to have salmon tonight and you should see the variety. We were disappointed with the service with the waiter and the coffee, then the food eventually and then she forgot the Perrier. I think we need to be more more German.

When we arrived at the apartment we were looking forward for Maxim’s wife Sophie arriving and they are old friends and the kindest people you could imagine.  Eleanor brought a tartan scarf to keep her warm in the winter.

In the after noon I wandered to the Villefranche Church which is over 500 years old. I wanting to see the recumbent in the church which was carved by a slave. I don’t know when it will be returned. When I was there  going  to light a candle and without choosing a saint it was only after lighting, was was St Joseph who was the name of Eleanor’s father who always looked after the family. Strange believe it on not!

At about 5pm we went to see our friends who own Chez Betty bar and they are delighted to  see us both. Enjoyed a dinner in the apartment of fresh salmon and lovely.

TV for a bit then delighted that not to tired.


Sleep well.


5 thoughts on “Monday 3rd October 2016”

  1. HI Blair, good to see you are blogging again and that you are back in OUR favourite part of the world I guess the weather willl be better than you had at Portavadie,although Irene and I visited after you on your recommendation and the sun shone.Have a ball in Nice .Best wishes to you both .D&I.


    1. Great to hear from you , Eleanor and I having a lovely time here in Villefranche.
      I am a bit tired from the Chemo but Eleanor can’t walk very far anyway so just resting on our balcony enjoying lovely French food.
      Send your phone number and we might get together on our next trip to Glasgow
      All the best


  2. Glad you and Ellie arrived safe and sound and by the looks of the Met Office the weather is great also. Just you take it easy the both of you and enjoy that lovely weather. We have had frost two days running now – time to get out the electric blankets bbbbrrrrr. Keep up the blog.

    Love you both
    Fiona and Jim xxx


    1. Hi Fiona
      You are right the weather fabulous!
      Blair a bit tired on the chemotherapy it I can’t walk far anyway
      I think I was expecting a
      Miracle when the. Sat came off but there is a way to go yet!!!
      Just chilling on the balcony enjoying lovely French food
      Love you
      Ellie and Blair xx


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