Saturday 1st October 2016

OK I have been asked by many friends to continue my Blogs which will follow be to be told that I will only survive in my Cancer with a brain tumour for a matter months. Do I believe this, then I think the greatest doctors are eminent and far more intelligent than me with some of my brain which has been played about it.

Now for my friends please accept that I will do the best I can do. No longer can I just read a a book unless I read over over several times. I also only pick up from the conversations on TV and I am now at picking up most conversations. Do not feel sorry as I am one of the luckiest man of the world.

There is so much to catch up over the last and some may enter in the future of months and years to come.

Two weeks I was told for the first time that my blood count and we would check after two weeks (yesterday) and I was delighted delighted to start to start the 5 days of Chemo today. I was tired, but have this alive  sleep. Tomorrow I head to France tomorrow (Nice) for two weeks and I cannot wait. My father 88yrs and my sister, Linda and husband Mat. We will have a great time and every day I will blog.

Thank you for seeing that I will be back as often.


Sleep well






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