Monday 31st October 2016

We listen Eriska and again she rumbles last night other wise she is an angel.

Now I have to make an apologise that Elaine and Jason went to see the Redsox and it is the Redskins. You might be looking for this fictional American Football.

When you bring up a baby and there is such work involved every day. Some times can can not be appreciated however having a love takes over for the system and care for any innocent child.

We took her and Wee Joe for a long walk today and for the 31st October the weather is wonderful and you just want to absorb the ‘all around you’.

After 3pm mum and dad arrived and I had mixed feelings as I am knackered however every time she looks over to me she smiles – what would you just light up.

Just a short one.


Sleep well!


Sunday 30th October 2016

Today the clocks have been put back for all of the people catching busses and trains. Now with a lovely 8 month grand daughter, Eriska, waking up an early hour not knowing that she was told this fact and and out coffee in the three of us will stretch it as long as we can and she was perfect. Now it will be tomorrow their family return after watching Redsox playing at Wembley today.

This afternoon we picked up Madison and took them to Erdigg Hall to have her to enjoy her her cousin and this had a fabulous afternoon.  Madison was enjoying in the gardens and the natural play area. A surprise is Madison toasting marshmallows at a real log fire and then decided she didn’t like the flavour and grandpa had to eat them.

We then came back to house and enjoy the team and eventually the bath time was there and now look at what a little 8 month Eriska did to her older cousin. Great times.


After all the feeds it’s time to cuddle and then a bottle.She is off to bed and Madison off home and Ellie have enjoyed it but knackered.


I have been trying to sorry out the old photos and this brings memories and I discovered my very, very old friend Jim Loy and this was when Jim and I were in Croatia and we were boys. Love to see Jim next to me with the long hair. Happy days.


Sleep well.

Saturday 29th October 2016

During the night I was waiting Eriska to waken and although a couple of stirs, she decided to wait to see us at 7.30am. Elaine and Jason will be on their to Chester station and I am sure that Elaine will be worried about her precious daughter. We will have fun and will not want to give her back.

After a breakfast and play time we got dresses for a walk in the country with Wee Joe and Eriska. The temperature is wonderful for the time of nearly November.

Just been corrected that I said Ellie is 60 on Monday not next January. My brain is my excuse and at least it get people talk and could have double pressies.

I forgot I remade the All-bran loaf as the day before I thought two cups of brown sugar was too sweet. Last night I had two cups of All-bran and 1 cup of sugar and some dates, sultanas and a few for decoration of prunes. This went into oven at lower temperature 160 and in for 1 1/4 hours. Absolutely perfect and worth remaking and I might just tweaking a little.


This afternoon we went to visit in Erbistock North Wales near Llangollen. A beautiful countryside and had a walk with Roger’s dog, Barney and our our four including plenty of fresh air.


Back home we have the responsibility of feeding and is loving her dinner. Soon to have a bath and then a bottle for bed.



Friday 28th October 2016

I woke awoke about 8am after a good sleep. Ellie and Ellie and I just like a coffee in bed and a chance to have a natter. Today is on our minds are in because I am going to Clatterbridge hospital to have a MRI scan which will be analysed before my meeting with the oncologist next Friday. I spoke to staff who remember Ellie and I and were delighted how treatment look and then when after the scan, I came out into the waiting room and man was due to  follow me. After the story from the man’s wife and son, I believe I am blessed albeit  my situation. I wish every every thoughts to this family!

This morning I had to just get exercise and took the tricycle to the shopping centre and I had a ‘list’ given given by ‘ma mammy’ I got everything and managed to pay with my card!! I always had a few for me and things like elastic bands and you might wonder – but I still have a major job fixing out the old photos and many many memories. There and back -good!

On the way back from Clatterbridge I wanted into my old work where there is skip to get cleared and had no inclination to start again. I have passed a baton.

Exciting tonight is the arrival of my grand daughter Eriska and will be with Ellie and I until Monday. Ellie has all the clothes all laid out as normal and will be great to have some quality. It is 6pm and I am going to sleep for 15 mins before arrival.

Have a great night like ours will be.


Thursday 27th October 2016

Had a good nights sleep.

Had a good walk with Wee Joe with Ellie who is strengthen her ankle good gentle walks helps.

We are in search today for the swimming pool which is only 15mins away and eventually found it in a council estate. Eventually found and was surprised at finding a fabulous pool, very clean and was happy that as I am over 60 years then this is free. Ellie will only have to pay until next Monday but keep this a secret!!

Ellie and I went to Sainsbury’s in Wrexham however was tired stayed in the car and glad as was quite tired today. I thought I had lost her in the store however half was for me for baking. Sugars, dried prunes, dark chocolate and All Bran. I remember many years making All Bran loaf and my mother wrote out the recipe. I have to soak the All Bran, dark sugar and milk over night however I made some banana and dark chocolate muffins and are cooling.


Now a started a job today and that was sorting the photos for 40 years of marriage and even some of the very old ones. Many times we started, then given up however now I will take this challenge on. Today I had one of Elaine in the hospital when Fraser arrived. Happy memories!


And I look then now!!

Anyway folks, unless you get bored please come to fix then through the photos.


Sleep well I am going for a muffin.

Wednesday 26th October 2016

Woke up in Annbank however I had a very bad sleep. I kept waking up during during the night. I had no worry however the previous night I slept right through and does not set me up for the day. The benefit is that I will be on a train and for an extra few quid a first service home. I need ti cure the dryness in the mouth all nights and will need to drink more and that is only water.

My niece picked me up at 8.45am and she took me for a ‘breakfast’ and had a good chat. Linda was kind to drop me at my dad’s and dad walked into Ayr station where he will join me on the train to Glasgow. Great as they say on Scottish ‘blether’. Not that we would talk about politics – never.

At noon the Virgin train drew up at No1 platform and everyone is concerned that I will land up at Euston and not getting out at Crewe. I have started loving the train travel and it allows me protection and a time to read and think about things.

I see my mum is not in good health and it is frustrating that more cannot be done to help. When we all get older this is where we look at our life and ask did we do the best with our health. We are all guilty and it is only when time gets short then it is like playing a game of golf where we are at the seventeen hole and had wished I rushed some shots!

When I go to Scotland I always get fantastic hospitality and I will always this kindness and generosity.

Back at home and made all the changes and I am delighted with Virgin service.

Going to get dinner and have a great night with Ellie and Wee Joe.

Sleep well.


Tuesday 25th October 2016

Morning folks from Scotland. I have spend the night with mum in the mining village of Annbank, Ayrshire. I had wished that I had a powerful camera this morning as looking out the window the scene to see the top of the mountain range in the island Arran. The clouds are unbelievable and the Holy Island  was buried and I will be staying there soon when I go to stay with Buddhists to enjoy the meditation.

This is what Annbank looked before the miners houses had the new built behind before before the old knocked down.


The paintings by Bill Hillen and a great artist.

Now this following photo is where I started my retail multi millionaire retail empire and that is now a charity shop in Maybole. And think I could still be there! Kill me now.


You know I am not known as an alcoholic (OK as some know) and called into the whiskey experience and was desperate for a dram. No alcohol by orders and I am so jealous.

Before we went for a journey to Girvan we were looking at the late miner’s poet John Rodie and please Google this nearest to Robert Burns. I have photographed his limited edition book of poems and and hopefully you might just get a sample of one prose.


Great walk the Girvan beach front with sunshine and in the following pic shows mum and Linda with the Ailsa Island and where all the curling stones in the world are cut. They had a great deal before a lunch. All I am eating here please save me!!


Great day and enjoy your sleep like I will snoring tonight.