Wednesday 24th August 2016

Thank god that this is five days of Chemo and it is not a pleasant of experience. It is not that it is painful or I experience nausea but you just feeling tired and depressed. As the Chemo is increased and I was in bed this morning, does this work or is it a guess. For two days I was starting to have headaches and was taken two pills and was was worried when I had taken coffee for the two days. A small strong coffee certainly was working.

All days the door is so busy with flowers and cards from neighbours for Eleanor and although I am delighted for their  kindness, was a day why I needed peace. I was delivery today was Eleanors wheel chair and only for any another 10 days for the special rest for the plaster. If without it still great flexibility and any for Eleanor to give her for freedom.


She was doing well.

Speak soon


Sleep well.


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