Saturday 17th August 2017

Eleanor was still in hospital and will also be kept her until the tomorrow. They are making sure that the paid will be controlled and it is better to get comfortable.

I woken at 6am and made sure that the anti-sickness was taken a half an hour before the chemo. I made sure that I did not eat anything until after 8am. I have also to take the steroids at only .5mg and with increasing of chemo at 33% more and will be interesting on how I am feeling. It is before at 6pm and so far excellent. Also I am not the  anti sickness is not wanted. I will keep you  for the 5 days or the way I am nearly 20% gone.

I also was cleaning the cupboards and I  was my Scottish cap but can you see how one day of chemo and I have a flowing ginger Scottish locks. You jealous no??


I had a couple of walks and  electric bike to the next village to post a book to a John Robert who will be Save the Children and will once he has read the book.

Today one minute if the rain then sunshine however I am looking to see us all back together at home.

Sleep well




One thought on “Saturday 17th August 2017”

  1. Just a few remaining days of chemo for you and I hope all goes well Blair. I’m not sure I love the flowing ginger locks and hat! But do love your sense of humour! Hopefully Eleanor will be back home today realtively pain-free. Warm wishes to you both xx

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