Friday 16th August 2016

I thought this was a good Blog which was interesting and I could say that our life was turning for a worse. This was not my health however Eleanor slipped yesterday, was taken to Wrexham and was x-rays shown to breaks to her ankle and today she was operated to fit two pins.

This only was not only painful m Eleanor and the reality was that she is cooking and this is serious!! Also I am sure they would be able to check the hovering.

I hope that Eleanor will get home tomorrow and will start with a rapid recovery.

I went to have my appointment with Dr Shenoy, the oncologist and he was pleased with the blood tests and then asked that the staring tomorrow will be an increase to my Chemo treatment. I have another appoinment for the 16th September. I will be interested in see how the increase Chemo is this and I know will increase my tiredness so be it.

Sorry for short Blog but just to give an undate.


Sleep well.





2 thoughts on “Friday 16th August 2016”

  1. Hi Blair, so sorry to hear about Eleanor. If we can be of any help to either of you next week from Tuesday onwards (We are in Romford until Monday) lifts etc. Please do not hesitate to ask. Best wishes, John and Sula. Xxx

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