Monday 15th August 2016

Due to the response to the followers that I simply could just not disappear at least when I ‘really’ disappear. Before the third day before of going to a holiday in France I had a scare by overdoing the exercise and only two days completing the five day chemo treatment. Stupidly felt better and it knocked me to going back from .5mg steroids to four for a couple of two days then knocked it back to 2mg and was told if better cut to .5mg again. I noticed that the stomach and face went ballooned together with the stiffness in joints. That good I am bringing the fitness and figure is coming back to normal. I France I enjoyed the sunshine and the swimming  however I tired easily and especially if I have have long conversations. I need to stay away from news or politics and this has certainly made a difference. I have so good friends where it is so difficult to stay about these subjects and difficult where I am not interested in sports or even the Olympics.

In France Eleanor made a friend from New Zealand, Rosie Richards, a writer of Mills & Boon novels and was being a given an award from writing seventy fifth novels. She was surprised that I had a letter from the Managing Director of Mills & Boon dated 1924. Amazing how Mills & Boon have grown when they used to type and the MD signed each letter!!


When I bought two books, dated the 1926 and these two volumes are rare 260 each pages of the World War One on the history from the French. I had always wanted these books to get to Britain and I packaged, bit the lip with 60 Euros and happy that I had them delivered five days later. They may not look too impressive however it is a completely story from seeing it from the British.

Last week Eleanor went to Scotland and was hopefully for some August weather. This did not appear and if was like November and was got back to Chester yesterday. It was so cruel for the families at the Ayr beach and dodging the rain and in and out of machines, we call them puggies.

My uncle Bill not only framed the original LP for the Maggie’s auction at our entertaining evening, Bill also presented one of his beautiful still life and this will help the cancer charity and thank you. It will go to lucky bidder and thank you Bill and already you have raised nealy £20,ooo for cancer charities.

Tomorrow I will meeting with Nigel Williams and he will be able to working with my on a very exciting Save the Children project. Without with the help of Nigels I would not be able to express with my brain affected. Keep what we will end produce something which will have national news but not telling any more yet.


Great to touch soon again.


Sleep well.


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