Thursday 4th August 2016

I arrived from France yesterday and had a wonderful break in Villefranche Sur Mer and spend a quality with my French and English friends and I know if I am lucky to have some some time I will spend more there as it is truly a paradise there.

I know that I stopped by Blog for some time and I am afraid that this will be my last my daily report as I need to make the priority is my cancerous tumour and trying to maximise the opportunity of holding off this bugger.

I have have learned a great deal and indeed made some mistakes which hold my treatment and this apologise to Eleanor and the family. I have felt that radiotherapy or chemo should not change to the way in which my body needs to behave and this is an acceptance of working on the ‘rest’ and knowing that I am ill.

I remember giving an interview saying that I am the luckiest person in the world and had been told that I will only lucky to live less than a year. I say today that I am still an that person. After that statement, I know that the wonderful medical attention from Walton and Clatterbridge and give me the every opportunity to give a ‘quality of life’ albeit the restrictions due to treatments of steroids, chemo or radiotherapy. I have to make the change today that I will not be filling my brain with negative thoughts. I will not be interested in the news, politics, Brexit as I realise I cannot either have the never have the time to try and influence allowed to others. I will ignore the problems in the change of the way in which our population are being controlled through the drastic increase the use of mobile phones. Especially in France over 50% cannot just not take their eyes over their flat constant companion. This is a bigger drug that heroin.  I see where this is going and from now, I don’t care!!

I have had a tumour which affects my concentration and tired, my speech. When I engage with long conversations then I notice the difference especially when these are sustained normal conversations. I must now apologise and if I am going to have conversation that I will ration this strictly. Sorry in advance.

If this is one advice to anyone and that it try to enjoy simple things. Do not always wanting  more materialistic objects and the gift of genuine friendship and family is more than anything in this world. Over the last 4 months I have have seen kindness and I thank all for this however I will be moving into a life of discipline and please excuse my selfishness.

Thank you all for following.




6 thoughts on “Thursday 4th August 2016”

  1. Great to know you are putting your health first, completely agree! You have always tried to make this world a better place and now is the time to leave that in the hands of others and nurture yourself! Take care Blair; being kind to yourself isn’t selfish at all it is the best thing you can possibly do. Warm hugs to you and Eleanor xx


  2. Although I will miss your blogs I’m glad you are concentrating on looking after yourself I wish you and Eleanor all the best in the world and your right materialistic things are no match for enjoying family and friends as a cancer patient hopefully on the mend myself life changes for you and you realise what’s important in life so keep fighting and don’t get down and enjoy life to the full
    Regards chris from the butchers Westminster park
    Ps. Thanks for your mention in one of your past blogs


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