Monday 29th August 2016

Another lovely day for sunshine and I had two sleeps before 10.30am and was still need the sleep. I am still was the .5mg steroids and I am determined not to increase and will not. I got from the lounge and thought that the time was 1pm but was an earlier and then had to wash and shower.

Together was to see Eleanor, Jason and Eriska and I am also delighted to see them. Eriska makes a day when she shows her smile.

Later day our for Steve our hairdresser and his  Grace his daughter and his wife Edwina who brought some kind cake and flowers. They stayed for three hours and even did very well with Wee Joe. No blood.

This morning, I saw the three Red Devils just going the back door. They are so professional.

Eleanor is look great with the new colour and new style.

Tonight they are lovely fish and look for a great meal.

Sleep well.


Wednesday 24th August 2016

Thank god that this is five days of Chemo and it is not a pleasant of experience. It is not that it is painful or I experience nausea but you just feeling tired and depressed. As the Chemo is increased and I was in bed this morning, does this work or is it a guess. For two days I was starting to have headaches and was taken two pills and was was worried when I had taken coffee for the two days. A small strong coffee certainly was working.

All days the door is so busy with flowers and cards from neighbours for Eleanor and although I am delighted for their  kindness, was a day why I needed peace. I was delivery today was Eleanors wheel chair and only for any another 10 days for the special rest for the plaster. If without it still great flexibility and any for Eleanor to give her for freedom.


She was doing well.

Speak soon


Sleep well.

Saturday 17th August 2017

Eleanor was still in hospital and will also be kept her until the tomorrow. They are making sure that the paid will be controlled and it is better to get comfortable.

I woken at 6am and made sure that the anti-sickness was taken a half an hour before the chemo. I made sure that I did not eat anything until after 8am. I have also to take the steroids at only .5mg and with increasing of chemo at 33% more and will be interesting on how I am feeling. It is before at 6pm and so far excellent. Also I am not the  anti sickness is not wanted. I will keep you  for the 5 days or the way I am nearly 20% gone.

I also was cleaning the cupboards and I  was my Scottish cap but can you see how one day of chemo and I have a flowing ginger Scottish locks. You jealous no??


I had a couple of walks and  electric bike to the next village to post a book to a John Robert who will be Save the Children and will once he has read the book.

Today one minute if the rain then sunshine however I am looking to see us all back together at home.

Sleep well



Friday 16th August 2016

I thought this was a good Blog which was interesting and I could say that our life was turning for a worse. This was not my health however Eleanor slipped yesterday, was taken to Wrexham and was x-rays shown to breaks to her ankle and today she was operated to fit two pins.

This only was not only painful m Eleanor and the reality was that she is cooking and this is serious!! Also I am sure they would be able to check the hovering.

I hope that Eleanor will get home tomorrow and will start with a rapid recovery.

I went to have my appointment with Dr Shenoy, the oncologist and he was pleased with the blood tests and then asked that the staring tomorrow will be an increase to my Chemo treatment. I have another appoinment for the 16th September. I will be interested in see how the increase Chemo is this and I know will increase my tiredness so be it.

Sorry for short Blog but just to give an undate.


Sleep well.




Monday 15th August 2016

Due to the response to the followers that I simply could just not disappear at least when I ‘really’ disappear. Before the third day before of going to a holiday in France I had a scare by overdoing the exercise and only two days completing the five day chemo treatment. Stupidly felt better and it knocked me to going back from .5mg steroids to four for a couple of two days then knocked it back to 2mg and was told if better cut to .5mg again. I noticed that the stomach and face went ballooned together with the stiffness in joints. That good I am bringing the fitness and figure is coming back to normal. I France I enjoyed the sunshine and the swimming  however I tired easily and especially if I have have long conversations. I need to stay away from news or politics and this has certainly made a difference. I have so good friends where it is so difficult to stay about these subjects and difficult where I am not interested in sports or even the Olympics.

In France Eleanor made a friend from New Zealand, Rosie Richards, a writer of Mills & Boon novels and was being a given an award from writing seventy fifth novels. She was surprised that I had a letter from the Managing Director of Mills & Boon dated 1924. Amazing how Mills & Boon have grown when they used to type and the MD signed each letter!!


When I bought two books, dated the 1926 and these two volumes are rare 260 each pages of the World War One on the history from the French. I had always wanted these books to get to Britain and I packaged, bit the lip with 60 Euros and happy that I had them delivered five days later. They may not look too impressive however it is a completely story from seeing it from the British.

Last week Eleanor went to Scotland and was hopefully for some August weather. This did not appear and if was like November and was got back to Chester yesterday. It was so cruel for the families at the Ayr beach and dodging the rain and in and out of machines, we call them puggies.

My uncle Bill not only framed the original LP for the Maggie’s auction at our entertaining evening, Bill also presented one of his beautiful still life and this will help the cancer charity and thank you. It will go to lucky bidder and thank you Bill and already you have raised nealy £20,ooo for cancer charities.

Tomorrow I will meeting with Nigel Williams and he will be able to working with my on a very exciting Save the Children project. Without with the help of Nigels I would not be able to express with my brain affected. Keep what we will end produce something which will have national news but not telling any more yet.


Great to touch soon again.


Sleep well.

Thursday 4th August 2016

I arrived from France yesterday and had a wonderful break in Villefranche Sur Mer and spend a quality with my French and English friends and I know if I am lucky to have some some time I will spend more there as it is truly a paradise there.

I know that I stopped by Blog for some time and I am afraid that this will be my last my daily report as I need to make the priority is my cancerous tumour and trying to maximise the opportunity of holding off this bugger.

I have have learned a great deal and indeed made some mistakes which hold my treatment and this apologise to Eleanor and the family. I have felt that radiotherapy or chemo should not change to the way in which my body needs to behave and this is an acceptance of working on the ‘rest’ and knowing that I am ill.

I remember giving an interview saying that I am the luckiest person in the world and had been told that I will only lucky to live less than a year. I say today that I am still an that person. After that statement, I know that the wonderful medical attention from Walton and Clatterbridge and give me the every opportunity to give a ‘quality of life’ albeit the restrictions due to treatments of steroids, chemo or radiotherapy. I have to make the change today that I will not be filling my brain with negative thoughts. I will not be interested in the news, politics, Brexit as I realise I cannot either have the never have the time to try and influence allowed to others. I will ignore the problems in the change of the way in which our population are being controlled through the drastic increase the use of mobile phones. Especially in France over 50% cannot just not take their eyes over their flat constant companion. This is a bigger drug that heroin.  I see where this is going and from now, I don’t care!!

I have had a tumour which affects my concentration and tired, my speech. When I engage with long conversations then I notice the difference especially when these are sustained normal conversations. I must now apologise and if I am going to have conversation that I will ration this strictly. Sorry in advance.

If this is one advice to anyone and that it try to enjoy simple things. Do not always wanting  more materialistic objects and the gift of genuine friendship and family is more than anything in this world. Over the last 4 months I have have seen kindness and I thank all for this however I will be moving into a life of discipline and please excuse my selfishness.

Thank you all for following.