Thursday 28th July 2016

I was worried about Eleanor raising early this morning as she enjoyed her rosè wih John and Hilary. But no problem and we were in the sea before 8.30.

I now have the plan for the small bus which leaves beach at 10.30 and I just go with the old ones and Eleanor walks back up. 

We had Protein with blueberries and strawberries the some breakfast with cheese Apple and bread. Decide to bus to Beulieu and walk along the coast walk to Port St Jean. Amazing view along to Monte Carlo and the sea full of boats and some really big.

We have to walk past the David Niven villa on our way.

Our favourite cafe at St Jean is the Civette and they served a cool Perrier and a tuna sandwich.

The beautiful flowers at Hotel De Ville in St Jean.

At the small town I have worked out times for bus as with efficiency was returned to Villefranche to a welcome balcony and an afternoon sleep in shade and cool.


One thought on “Thursday 28th July 2016”

  1. Hi Blair, good to see you are enjoying your stay at Ville France. It is a lovely area and we have fond momories of the visit we made there when we used your recommendations for the b&b on the
    road down to the front. In fact I was just recollecting about the time I was walking along the front and got chatting to a couple of rather tasty blondes having a coffee at one of the small stalls there. I initially thought they were mother and daughter but it turned out they were sisters and from Scotland, of all places. Small world. Weather looks lovely. Enjoy. Regards and best wishes.
    Jim Moffat
    PS. Only kidding Eleanor, honest!!!

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