Wednesday 27th July 2016

We were determined to get up and go for a swim and not bad we arose at 8am. Could have been 7 but will work to that target.

The sea was warm enough to walk straight in and the beach has the locals having their morning ritual and what a life.w

After a swim we laid in the sun till about 10am then the dreaded will climb back up to our apartment and had about 4 stops and no problem.

Eleanor wanted to walk to Beaulieu and caught the bus to meet her at the square cafe Graff. At the square the vegetables sales are clearing up and their choice is fabulous and normally we support them.

Once the shops open after siestas we looked around our favourite furniture auction and I wish I could buy to send for sale in UK.

Went to supermarket to pick up soya milk for our protein drink with blueberries and strawberries. And as we just came out there was bus and the cost of €1.5 ticket which you can take you 64mins and they are very busy not like our country where they are overpriced and scarce.

Tonight we are waiting to go out for dinner with Hillary and John. Tonight cafe/restaurant and just up the road. Simple but they are flying off tomorrow so an early home but at least to share more time with them.

John presented us with a book of poems and music which is also dedicated to Hilary H48 and Eleanor and I looking forward.

All funds are going to young children charity.

Meal great and company.

Sleep well and remember poetry comes from heart.


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