Tuesday 26th July 2016

Now how do we admit to say we were in bed until past 9am when we had hoped that we would be swimming early. I promise tomorrow!

We went to go to Maxime’s shop and met Sophie who after coffee and water she took Eleanor to the Supermarket in car. I stayed with Maxime being spoilt.

In the afternoon we had a healthy lunch of avocado, smoked salmon, gerkin and seeded bread.

Later we walked to the jolly whale at the harbour. Relaxed watching the boats then I noticed a small boat for sale and tried to use my persuasive skills but failed. The Darse harbour is not full big of flash just real.

It was always the walk back up to the town but at just taking a bit of time then very achievable.

I went to see Maxime and Eleanor cleaned up before for us to have a drink at Betty’s bar. We have known Betty and her family for 11 years and we love them all. 

Eleanor and Betty xx

Now Maxime has nagged to eat aubergine and tomato and Eleanor made a fresh meal to satisfy and with other vegetables and Bio chicken this was really, really tasty. 

Now on balcony enjoying the view seeing the rich on their ships but I think they wish they could be here and not stuck on a boat. We will enjoy every second here realise how lucky I am with friends, family and my followers.

From balcony 

Off for ice cream and hopefully had made it up for you with pics and we feel great today.

Sleep well.


3 thoughts on “Tuesday 26th July 2016”

  1. Hello Blair ,Eleanor and Maxime, just saw the Nice pictures of the south of france on your blog …. All is going good we hope ! Enjoy your stay. One more week to go for us and then we are there too ! All the best peter and Olga from Belgium

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