Monday 25th July 2016

Woken up in the South of France and the sunshine greeting Eleanor and I and great being back in our apartment here. 

My friend Maxime will give us a run to Nice and dropped off at the Antique market. There is an quietness due to the killings. We went for a shop and bought a few bits of clothes. I wish, I do not suit and trendy clothes, OK I  am 63 and swollen with steroids and just had a heid baldy. 

Great gentle exercise. Please tell Helen on Clatterbridge.

Down to our favourite lunch at the market and wonderful rye bread and sardines and tomatoes.

For E a glass of rosé and water boring for mois. Round the corner from restaurant listing of the people being murdered and the frightened the family names related. Sad, sad, sad!

Have have got bus and in for nod on balcony and looking to having a meal tonight with friends John and Hillary at Caravelle restaurant and just in where Eleanor is really cheered and John and I had a great conversation, and I never mixed too many words or hopefully.

Hopefully off to bed Sleep well.


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