Saturday 23rd July 2016

Hi Folks and felt that the Friday, the second day after the five day Chemo blast will make sure that we will be going to France for a holiday and they have recommended to go from a 1/2 steroids to 2mg steroids for seven days and it move it to a 1mg tablet.

I am going to keep my blog very brief as I am being nagged about how less two pairs of shorts and one pair of Y’s.  My cousin Jennifer was asked by my mother if she was going on a trip of the Waverley could you please replace on my lost baseball cap. My sister bought the original hat the wording of Waverley but no picture. Sorry Linda, I was hurried but my father on the many trains, and some Glasgow was now wearing ma bunnet. For English, Welsh, American, Spanish etc. ma bunnet is the posh for ‘my hat’.

Now please do not run away when I was sad when I had a photo sadness lost ma bunnet and absolute joy that my heid  is showing off my new one which has a picture of the paddle steamer on it!!

Here it goes  are you brave enough?

Now if you cannot sleep for this then Netflix is good as an option???????


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