Thursday 21st July 2106

I had a bad sleep yesterday, could not see why but when I retired about 9.15pm early, tired and should not have an excuse but could not see for the reason. For a funny I was given the anti-sickness for the two days following completing the chemo. I felt for today I still have the ‘metallic’ flavour and had no appetite. Thank god at 6.45pm.

So what did I do this morning, very little, whilst Eleanor is doing some work and thank god she is so organised but I would not be packed or have passports etc ready for France on Sunday. We went for a mid-morning swim and was delighted that we were the only two people in the pool. This exercise is my favourite and today is is like owning your own personal pool. We timed driving back home and this was only 15 minutes from the health club and that feels us less detached from Chester where we used to live just across the road for over 20 years.

We had to go back into Chester to the Santander Bank to change some accounts and the paperwork which Elaine and I hate. They gave you 20 pages of small print and then we had to sign of take it away to our lawyer and come back with a bill for £1k. I asked how many people just sign and she said everyone did it – trusting!

I had a conversation by telephone today and I will not say, but he has a rare skin cancer and has explained the feeling of similar to ‘not be bothering’ and I identify exactly with him. This is a depression which people need support from totally understand this. I also see more and more TV advertising for cancer and hopefully the government are telling me the truthful here.

To finish, as I have had a mobile phone to my left ear for over 20 plus years and this is exactly where my tumour was. As I only, if I have to, use the mobile once a day. I then see 50% of everyone playing with their mobile of kind types. We are addicted, it is destroying our conversation or just having time peacefulness to ‘think’. It also make me think that people are controlling us and where will this be in 10 years. I thought a great cancer charity funding by ask everyone to give up their phone up for just one day and give a £1. This makes us human and have this small amount to enjoy just a day and make them ask them seriously ‘am I addicted’. Something to concern?

Sleep well



2 thoughts on “Thursday 21st July 2106”

  1. Very good point about the mobile phones, many of us need to address the issue of addiction to our mobile phones and the potential damage to our health, well-being and quality of life! Thanks Blair for bringing this to light!

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  2. Very interesting points Blair ,iv’e heard about the oil before I think I would try it. wer’re back from hols now tell Eleanor o give me a ring about hair if she needs me .Hope you have a wonderful holiday will be thinking of you.xxxxxxxxxx


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