Wednesday 20th July 2016

Lazy, lazy, lazy person I am. I took pills about 6.30am this morning and thought this is the last five day period for the strong chemo. I have decided that I am going to do nothing until I am going into Chester at 3pm to meet sister Linda to today. The heat is nice but not like yesterday which is impossible at 32 degrees.

I have been doing some research into tumours and the trials and are so confusing. There is a guy in Belfast who is using the black oil and the doctors have said that the tumour is clearing reducing in tumour size, although is illegal in the UK and is being used in half of the states of USA. When my tumour starts to grow again then I am not prepared just to accept that this is it.

The temperature is now lower and Elaine have picked up from the house to go to Chester and meet family. When we arrived at the hotel, we walked to Chester park and Ross has always fed the squirrels and there was an opportunity there.


We had a walk to the river and had a drink. A fantastic place to enjoy yourself at the river. We then walked to out favourite Italian and had a wonderful family evening.


On a happy evening I will say tonight to you and hopefully as I sleep less in during day will say more.

Sleep well



One thought on “Wednesday 20th July 2016”

  1. Blair! You are not lazy!! You’re body is. reacting to the strong chemo drugs ! I definitely agree with you about the ‘black oil’; who wouldn’t in your situation. Nice family photo you posted. Enjoy your time together. Best wishes, Sula and John.x

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